Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, is the second largest corporation still around. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods on the lifeboats. It is also number one in the Magical Industry. The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws to the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.


Unknown to everyone (at the time) the three largest drug cartels in Mexico (the Medellin, Masaya, and David) were working together behind the scenes. And they were working well together. The leaders of the three cartels came together in 2007 to form the ORO Corporation. Their name was somewhat of a double joke… Ortega (Medellín Cartel), Julio Ramos (David Cartel), and Diego Oriz (Masaya Cartel) were the three leaders of the cartels that formed the company, and oro means gold in Spanish.

By the end of the year, the ORO Corporation was one of the larger investors in almost every industry in Central America both legitimate and otherwise. On March 4th, 2008 the ORO Corporation announced that they had discovered a source of molybdenum worth tens of billions of dollars. This was an amazing win for ORO. They had been quietly buying up the developers and facilities required to exploit this find for months beforehand and with this sudden explosion of money they were able to expand their portfolio and become the largest investor in Central America.

This increased influence in the economic sector, of course, brought with it an expansion into the political arena, especially in Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras. ORO either bought corrupt politicians or simply installed their own, and with their new political clout were able to push the repeal of most intellectual property (copyright) laws throughout Central America. This allowed ORO to expand into the extremely profitable market of digital piracy. It made them a mint and a half.

VITAS struck Mexico in 2010, and ORO was on the forefront of humanitarian aid. This continued throughout the chaos that the Awakening brought with it and the collapse of the Mexican government the next year in 2011. They used these chaotic years to expand into other nations in the area including; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. And within months, these nations also repealed their copyright laws, further expanding ORO's pirate empire.

They used their profits wisely and helped rebuild Mexico from the ground up. They helped install a democratic government, the world's first Matrix-based electoral process, and they helped Mexico become reborn as the nation of Aztlan.

By 2015, they were riding high on the good press these humanitarian acts provided. They helped push the Aztech Revival in the region to help the populace get in touch with their cultural heritage, thus providing them with a cultural identity that was separate from the chaos and turmoil that had rocked the region for centuries before hand.

In 2022 the ORO Corporation was a rising star in the megacorporation community. They moved their world headquarters to Tenochtitlán (formerly Mexico City) and underwent one of the most effective re-branding campaigns in history, and became Aztechnology.

Over the next two decades, Aztechnology provided Aztlan with a basic infrastructure, an intelligence service, and helped beef up the Aztlan military. Which Aztlan turned around and used to conquer several of its neighbors, most likely with the help of Aztechnology working from the inside since they already had so many corporate assets throughout the region. Aztlan also managed to take a piece of Texas including San Antonio and part of Austin.



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