Evo, formerly known as Yamatetsu, is an AAA Megacorporation headquartered in Vladivostok lifeboat. It is the largest Russian corporation. Evo is one of the main producers of biotechnology appliances, nano-machines and ergonomic goods for metahumans. Evo has a dominant presence in space, being the first corporation to successfully establish a base on Mars. It is also one of the largest members of the Pacific Prosperity Group.

Evo’s board of directors is a strange and diverse group of individuals, including Buttercup (a free spirit), an Ork (as Chairman), an eccentric space scientist, and a SURGE changeling.


Evo Corporation began its life in 2032 under the name Yamatetsu Corporation.

In brief, Yamatestu was founded by Tadamako Shibanokuji as an attempt to counteract the Japan crop influence in the rest of Asia. They were largely successful for a number of years. Along the way due to intercorporate fighting , boardroom backstabbing, corporate infighting, the Japanese minority shareholders led by Hideo Yoshida managed to buyout the stock owned by several prominent Filipinos. The once anti-Japanese corporation became a pseudo-Japan crop until Shibanokuji was restored as Chairman with the assistance of the Free Spirit Buttercup. The corporation was returning to its roots when suddenly Tadamako Shibanokuji became bedridden after a massive stroke in January of '59. This allowed Yoshida to gain control of Shibanokuji's voting stake during this "medical emergency".

Many analysts thought that this would bring an end to the anti-Japanese sentiment in Yamatetsu, but Shibanokuji's death and the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn's Will changed that.

That's where we will begin our history lesson.

The corporation was in turmoil when Tadamako Shinokuji was murdered in his sleep in the middle of February '59. Hideo Yoshida hatched a plan to discredit Buttercup and regain control of Shibanokuji voting stock. The plan was fairly simple. Yoshida's underlings relabeled a paralytic as an antibiotic. When Shibanokuji's nurse, Akemi, gave him the fatal shot, she was dosed with laws and had her memory of the even rewritten. Her rewritten memory was that the Free Spirit Buttercup appeared in Shibanokuji's room, possessed her body, and gave her patient the fatal shot.

Akemi fled to Seattle to escape from Buttercup and attempted to hide from retribution from Yamatestsu. She was eventually caught by Yamatestu North America agents at the Northgate Mall. They took her to a Yamatetsu facility so that they could record her altered memory and use it against Buttercup. Thankfully a group of runners managed to find out the uncover the plot, save Akemi, and prevent the falsified incident from harming Buttercup's reputation.

Yoshida's plan was doomed from the outset, however. With Shibanokuji's death, he had hoped to reacquire the President's voting stock, thus allowing him to name himself President once again. However, Shibanokuji's Will left the voting stock to his son, Yuri. This child was an unknown element. No one suspected that Tadamako had an heir to leave his stock. Yuri was found living in Vladivostok, Russia. That was the first shock. Yamatetsu's newest Chairman wasn't purely Japanese, he had a Russian mother. And then the real kicker came to light. It appeared that Yuri was an or. This fact alone was enough to earn the resentment of the Japanese shareholders.

Yuri found himself the head of a corporation that abhorred metahumans. He was faced with a board of directors that was split between pro and anti-Japanese Saru Iwano, Hideo Yoshima, and their Japanese cronies on the Board of Directors. It was an almost impossible situation for the young man. But thankfully he gained some powerful allies in the process.  Newton Chin was a long time veteran of the corporate war and one of Tadamako's closest friends. Together with Buttercup, Chin was able to help Yuri take over the chairmanship and initiate some major changes.

The first, and most notable, was moving the corporation's headquarters from Kyoto, Japan to Yuri's hometown of Vladivostok, Russia. The move was symbolic as well as practical. It put distance (literally) between the corporation and it's Japanese roots, and it helped Yuri (and the corporation) escape the racism that the Japanese are noted for.


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