The most recent addition to the Corporate Court, Horizon (also known as the Horizon Group) is a AAA mega corporation that focuses on public relations, media, and entertainment. Its main headquarters is in Los Angeles. While Horizon is best known for its presence in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and entertainment, it also has subsidiaries in consumer goods and services, real estate and development, and pharmaceuticals. Subsidiaries include New Line, Polyaural, and Hisato-Turner.


Prior to 2061, the corporate entity known as Horizon did not exist. A corporate think-tank called the Horizon Project was formed to address the problems of quake-ravaged Los Angeles and to challenge the big studios such as Amalgamated Studios which had held a grip over the city for so long. This Horizon Project created a shell corporation called the Horizon Group to conduct their business.

Horizon first hit the big time in 2063, when it scored several public relations contracts with heavy-hitters such as the Pueblo Corporate Council and Tir Tairngire. Fortunate happenstance had Horizon's internal Matrix systems offline when the Matrix Crash 2.0 hit. Shortly after the Crash, Horizon acquired Hisato-Turner, including NewsNet. Horizon also had exclusive contracts toward rebuilding much of the California Free State. With Cross Applied Technologies quickly losing assets to Ares, its Corporate Court seat was vacated, and Horizon was able to claim it, rising to top-tier status.

It is said that Horizon's corporate culture is much less hierarchical than the other megacorporations, focusing more on team-building and cross-tier "workgroups", which makes sense given its advertising and PR roots. Horizon also is reportedly meta- and Awakened-friendly,1 with a particular interest in Technomancers (as both promoters and employers). Horizon is also the first (and as of 2071, the only) corporation to offer citizenship to AIs. While Horizon possesses a more dynamic corporate culture than most, it is still quite successful and a force to be reckoned with in the Sixth World.


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